Sunday, July 2, 2017

Project 365 Week 23

I am still playing catch up.  Also, apparently I forgot to take a photo on June 4th.

Lily was relaxing peacefully on the couch and I was hoping to get a photo of her serene expression as she daydreamed, but she spotted the camera and I captured a bit of silliness instead.

Because sometimes the expression on Zélie's face is worth pushing my ISO way too far up and embracing the grain...

Zélie was napping in perfect lighting and I couldn't help myself.

Lily's look of horror is brought to you by a Rube Goldberg Machine parts stealing baby.

We took a family walk after dinner.  Lily is sitting on what the kids have dubbed "the resting rock" as she waits for everyone to catch up.  I love how pleased she looks that Little Ish caught up to her. 

Little Ish was showing off his new haircut.  It was nice to see his eyes again!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Project 365 Week 22

You may have noticed that I have failed to post any of my photos in the month of June.  I didn't stop photographing; we just happened to be away from home for almost half the month, and uploading, editing, and posting fell down the priority list.  To keep the catch up more manageable, I will be posting one week at a time over the next few days.

I love watching Little Ish's tendencies to love and care for Zélie.  It's a pretty common sight to see him with a hand on her shoulder guiding her.  He is such a good big brother to her.

On Memorial Day, we visited a new sensory playground local to us.  One of Zélie's favorite parts was the musical instruments in one area of the playground.

She may look sweet and innocent but she was stealing the subject of my photo shoot for a blog I occasionally contribute to.

Apparently this week was Zélie week.  I pulled out my camera this day just because she was standing in beautiful light.

When everyone rests, Zélie plays.  Zélie spent all of resttime this day playing with this scarf and hat.  It is so fun to see how she plays by herself.

Zélie checking out her shadow.  My grandmother made the dress she is wearing over 30 years ago.

Little Ish wanted some alone time before going to our end of the year homeschool co-op event so he went out on the front steps to read.  Because it was so sunny, he ran in and grabbed his sun hat and then ran right back out to keep reading.