Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Dictionary of Little Ish

gruffy |ˈgrəfē| adj. ( -er , -est )
yucky and soggy

gruffily |ˈgrəfəlē| adv.
gruffiness n.

Little Ish has been using the word gruffy to describe things for the past couple of weeks.  I could tell the word was something he used to describe something he didn't like, but could not figure out exactly what it meant.  I had asked him a few times what it means and he simply replied: "Gruffy..."

A couple of days ago, I tried asking him again.  He immediately replied with definition at the top of the post.  This mostly clears things up, but I am pretty sure he doesn't actually know what soggy means.  Gruffy is most often used when describing striped socks.

We have a talker

It has begun.  Liliana said her first word on July 22nd.  It was "Dada"--of course.  She started saying "hi" the following day.  Now she likes to wake Ish up in the morning by saying "Hi, Dada!" over and over again.  I look forward to her learning more words just so I can hear her sweet little voice.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Looks a lot like...

One of Little Ish's favorite phrases is "looks a lot like".  He is getting fairly good at making comparisons this way.  Some of his recent comparisons are:

  • "Gandalf looks a lot like Dumbledore"
  • "Plum looks a lot like moon" (it was a crescent shaped slice of plum)
  • "Chip looks a lot like body of Christ. The Eucharist" 
It is so interesting to me to hear about how he sees the world.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Two and a Little Bit Over

Little Ish turned two last month.  Despite all the comments I've heard about the "terrible twos", I am finding this to be a fun age thus far.  Little Ish is talking in mostly full sentences (although his word order is a bit more akin to Latin than it is to English).  Honestly, I think his facility with language may be part of the reason that two is not so terrible.  Anyway, I thought I might share some photos with how we celebrated his special day.

On birthday eve, Big Ish and I transformed Little Ish's highchair into a pirate ship:

He was really thrilled when we brought him downstairs in the morning singing "He is the birthday king!" to the tune of Pirate King from The Pirates of Penzance (if you don't know the song ask Little Ish to sing it for you sometime!)

We spent a good portion of the rest of the day playing outside between our house and Lola and Dziadzia's house (Ish's parents):

We finished off the day by having Little Ish's Godparents over for dinner.  After dinner we had cake and ice cream and watched The Pirates of Penzance