Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Dictionary of Little Ish

gruffy |ˈgrəfē| adj. ( -er , -est )
yucky and soggy

gruffily |ˈgrəfəlē| adv.
gruffiness n.

Little Ish has been using the word gruffy to describe things for the past couple of weeks.  I could tell the word was something he used to describe something he didn't like, but could not figure out exactly what it meant.  I had asked him a few times what it means and he simply replied: "Gruffy..."

A couple of days ago, I tried asking him again.  He immediately replied with definition at the top of the post.  This mostly clears things up, but I am pretty sure he doesn't actually know what soggy means.  Gruffy is most often used when describing striped socks.