Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Professor Little Ish

Playing dress-up is a pretty big part of most days right now.  It is not uncommon  to find a pirate coloring at my dining room table or a monster fairy dancing in the living room.  A little over a week ago Little Ish developed his newest dress-up personality--The Professor.  When asked what he teaches, Professor Little Ish reports that he is "not quite sure yet".  The Professor is not only a teacher but also a small business owner.  He owns his own purse shop where, apparently, his mommy can buy purses for free (talk about a great family discount!)

Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes Vol. 1

1. After months of wanting  and then forgetting to participate in 7 Quick Takes, I have finally put together a post in time.

2.  This sweet picture of Atticus and my niece Charlotte has been sitting on my computer for so long that neither baby looks like this anymore.  They do, however, still find eachother quite fascinating. And for the record, the coordinating bunny outfits were not planned.

3. This picture of Liliana headed off to work has also been sitting on my computer for far too long.  The lace in the hat is perfect for keeping the oversized glasses on her face.

4. Happy birthday Ish!  Today is Ish's birthday.  We did gifts last night because we had a crazy morning planned today, and waiting for tonight would have given the children ample opportunity to ruin the surprises.  The most exciting part of the gifts was that Little Ish decided that Ish needed a Wreck-it Ralph statue (read: action figure) and used his own coins to pay for it.  He was so excited to havechosen and paid for the gift by himself.

5. I made dairy free and soy free chocolate chip cookies the other day.  They recipe replaces butter with coconut oil.  They are delicious and Ish has once again declared that I should never use any other recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  You can find the recipe here.  [NB: not all chocolate chips are dairy and soy free]

6. I had an incredibly successful trip to my favorite thrift store this week.  I found 2 Hanna Andersson dresses and 2 Janie and Jack tops for less than $12 total.  I calculated my savings and it was 92% off of the retail price. 

7.  Little Ish's favorite activity this week is smashing plastic Easter eggs to smithereens.  The egg smashing has been contained to the back porch which now looks like it has been thrown up on by a pastel confetti monster.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} --The Easter Edition


Easter Sunday morning, 5 minutes after we had planned to leave for Mass, I managed to snap several photos of my family in their Easter outfits.  Little Ish picked out his shirt and bow tie at the store a few days prior. and he was super excited about his "handsome clothes".  He has been asking for a bow tie for a couple of years now and he finally got his wish.


After Mass we went to Ish's parents house for homemade pasta and raviolis as well as another egg hunt. After being a little discouraged as he struggled to find more Easter eggs, Little Ish was thrilled to find one in the tire swing.


Liliana took what seemed like the easier egg hunting route.  She let Percival do the hunting and then chased him down in pursuit of his hard earned egg.  Percival didn't find it very funny, but I found it hilarious. Not to worry, Percival got to keep the egg.


Just when I thought I had captured a sweet photo of Liliana kissing Atticus, I realized that Little Ish had been busy licking Atticus's hand.  Ha!

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