Sunday, April 16, 2017

Project 365 Week 15

This past week has been a blur.   It felt busier than it actually was, but I am very grateful that this next week is spring break for my husband.  Hopefully that will give me time to get my feet back under me.


We had beautiful weather on Sunday so I felt the need to put Zélie in the sweet romper before she outgrows it.  I get a real kick out of how Zélie walks when she has shoes on in the house.  She pretty much marches everywhere.

Lily has recently expressed a somewhat larger than normal fear of bees.  For a few days she refused to go outside at all.  On Monday, with a lot of encouragement--and a bit of bribery--she decided that she was going to face her fears.  She is pictured here wearing her bee protection gear.  She has headphones so bees cannot fly into her ears; binoculars so she can spot bees coming, and a bandage just in case a bee stings her.  She is definitely getting less afraid, and is spending more time outside.

I, for one, am really enjoying the warmer weather we have had this past week.  Tuesday evening it was still warm enough outside after dinner to go outside and play.  Zélie really liked being barefoot in the grass; she also liked trying to eat rocks.

Somebody discovered Daddy's dice bag.  No dice made it to her mouth, and I managed to confiscate it fairly quickly.

Atticus loves his 15 minutes of game time.  Ish and Lily play their 15 minutes on the computer, but Atticus prefers playing a game on Ish's phone.  Being able to play on the phone often requires him doing the job of getting the phone off of the charger and bringing it downstairs so Ish can set him up (and put the phone in guided access).

Lily was disappointed that she couldn't go hand deliver a thank you note to our neighbors because they were out of town for the day.  With predictions of rain and a less than cautious mail delivery person, we didn't want her chancing putting it into the mailbox only to have the postal worker leave the top open later while it was raining. 

We spent some time on Holy Saturday dying eggs for Easter.  Little Ish and Liliana really liked trying some wax resist on their eggs. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Project 365 Week 14

So it finally happened;I missed a day. On Monday things were extra crazy and the only photo I took was of a gigantic splinter in Little Ish's foot.   My goal for this project was to pick up my DSLR every single day this year, but sometimes life just happens.  I hadn't even realized that I missed a day until Tuesday morning.  I am not discouraged, and for the sake of not grossing anyone else out, I will refrain from posting the ghastly splinter photo. 


This photo makes me laugh every time I look at it.  Zélie is Atticus's favorite person and I am starting to think Atticus may be Zélie's favorite person too.  When Atticus is sad her hugs and kisses Zélie.  He does not feel comfortable when he doesn't know where she is.  Zélie definitely keeps tabs on Atticus throughout the day too.  I catch her crawling or walking over to where he is, smiling, and then walking back to whatever she was doing before she went to check on him.  It melts my heart.

No photo today, but I would like to report that the splinter was successfully removed from Little Ish's foot.

This sweet girl started the day with a low grade fever.  I assumed it was because she seems to be working on a molar.  By the time she woke up from her afternoon nap, however, her temperature was over 103 degrees and she had a fine rash all over her torso.  I called the pediatrician, and it turns out Zélie was having a fairly typical and harmless reaction to the MMR vaccine she had 8 days prior.  I was relieved to know that the fever would dissipate with in 48 hours and that it wasn't anything she could pass on to her siblings.

These two spend a lot of time arguing and tattling on each other, but they are also such good buddies.  I love when I find them just enjoying each other's company.

I thought she was chewing on her fingers, I noticed right after snapping the photo that she was trying to eat a pompom from the big kids' art supplies.  They are easily Zélie's favorite thing to find and stick in her mouth, I am constantly fishing them out of her mouth.  Thankfully she has not choked on one, but when the rest of our current supply of pompoms is gone, I will not be replenishing them for quite a long while.

Sometimes he stands still and I can capture the details of his toddler features.  I am so glad to have captured his still very much baby-like hands.

Zélie spent about 30 minutes stacking and unstacking these cups in various locations throughout the house. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Project 365 Week 13

This has been the calmest week we have had in awhile.  That isn't to say we had a boring or lazy week, but a week without anyone being sick made everything feel much calmer.  It probably also helped that Ish took Monday off from work so the week went by faster.  The kids miss him so much during the day so one less day of missing Daddy is definitely a good thing.

Admittedly this was not my favorite photo from the day, but as a rule, I don't post photos of my babies running around in diapers.  I do like having this photo though because it captures part of our daily routine.  The big kids have 15 minutes of computer game time each day.  Lily especially loves the Daniel Tiger games on PBS Kids.

On Monday, Ish took off from work so we took a family field trip to the Delaware Museum of Natural History.  In their special dinosaur exhibit, there was a rock climbing wall.  Little Ish worked really hard to figure out how to get successfully from one end of the wall to the other.

It was a dark and stormy day so naturally the kids put on their bathing suits and sunglasses, laid a blue blanket out on the floor of the playroom, and went swimming. 

I forgot to pick up my camera until late afternoon so a quick portrait of Zélie was pretty much a last ditch effort to make sure I didn't miss a day of my project 365.  Somedays are like that.

Magformers are easily one of the most played with toys in our house.  The kids have so much fun building a wide variety of 2d and 3d structures with them. 

When did she get to be so grown up?!

Zélie gets such a kick out of trying to shut people between the front doors.  Lily has figured out how to place her body so she doesn't actually get stuck between the doors. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Project 365 Week 12

This week started with a variety of maladies.  Lily was still recovering from her ear infection and my cold turned into a raging sinus infection. The week ended with everyone in good health and with Little Miss Zélie turning 1.


This sweet girl was really sad about needing to take antibiotics.  Since she is allergic to amoxicillan, she has to take an alternative that happens, cherry flavoring be darned, to taste absolutely awful.  She actually woke up with nightmares about having to take it.  Here is to hoping that she can avoid needing antibiotics for a good long time.

I may or may not love that it looks like Zélie's head just fell out of the sleeve of my jacket while we were playing peek-a-boo.

Ish's parents watched my big kids all day on Tuesday so that I could have a chance to rest and recuperate from my sinus infection.  Zélie was a wonderful recuperation buddy.  She basically slept and nursed the majority of the day (not a common occurrence for her).  The only time I thought to pick up my camera was while she was eating lunch.  I never want to forget her sweet little baby hands.


This little lady was glad to have her siblings back at home with her;  she takes such delight in their antics.  She often just stares at them as though she is trying to take it all in.
Atticus spent over an hour on Thursday afternoon trying to cure my sinus infection by giving me pretend haircuts.  I got to spend an hour sitting on the couch getting what amounted to an amazing head massage and he had a fun being a "haircutting doctor guy".

Atticus enjoys water play and also really likes to try to do things that Ish and I do.  This amounted to him washing and rewashing the majority of non-breakable dishes in the house.  He took occasional breaks inbetween washings asking for dry clothes.  He went through three outfits by the time he was done.


Happy birthday, Zélie Marguerite! We had beautiful weather for Zélie's birthday so we spent it at Longwood Gardens.  In the evening she celebrated with friends, and she thoroughly enjoyed her birthday cupcake.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Project 365 Week 11

I, along with all four children, have spent the week fighting a terrible cold.  Zélie's started with an ear infection and Liliana's seems to be wrapping up with a double ear infection.  It has not been a fun week around here to say the least.

One high point of the week was spending Monday evening watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone with Little Ish.  I don't have a photo, but I wanted to remind myself of it here for when I look back.  Little Ish and I finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone a few weeks ago and were waiting for our library hold on the movie to come in.  He got to stay up after bedtime and watch the movie with me --a special treat.

I love my niece's thinking face here.  We spent Sunday afternoon hanging out with Ish's family and Persephone continued her habit of plunking herself down in beautiful light when I have my camera out.

This girl loves to twirl.  One of her requirements for a good dress is that it is good for twirling; this one certainly fits the bill.


Zélie loves watching the kids playing outside in the snow. Ish had a snow day so I was able to hang out inside with her where it was warm while he watched the big kids.

This sad boy had a really rough day on Wednesday.  He had fever dreams on Tuesday night and overall slept terribly;  he proceeded to spend several hours of Monday morning napping on and off.  When he wasn't napping he was pretty unhappy.

Zélie loves standing on the couch.  It drives me crazy, but as she spends so much time doing it, I figured I might as well document it.

I had just told her that Ish had pulled into the driveway, and this was her reaction.  When she actually saw him walk in the door she had the biggest smile on her face.

Double ear infections are the pits.  Lily has mostly been in good spirits about it, but I can tell she isn't feeling like her happy, healthy self. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Project 365 Week 10

It was a fairly calm beginning to our week here, but Friday landed us in the ER with Zélie.  We fed her canteloupe for the first time and it turns out she is very much allergic.  Friday reminded me of how grateful I am for family who will watch my children in a pinch and how grateful I am that we live near an excellent children's hospital.  Zélie is doing okay now minus the lovely ear infection the nurse practitioner discovered while examining Zélie in the ER.

We spent our afternoon on Sunday hanging out with family.  I was so excited to capture this photo of my sweet 2 year old niece in a quiet moment.  

This photo is from my first attempt at free-lensing. Why I thought it was a good idea to try this out on a fast moving baby, I do not know.

Occasionally Atticus will ask me if he can borrow my phone so he can draw a picture and send it to Ish via text message.  On Tuesday, the bigger kids caught on and had so much fun watching him and cheering him on as he was drawing.

Lily's fashion sense makes me smile.  She was so in love with this rainbow sundress that I picked up at a thrift store that she insisted on wearing it right away.  We compromised and she wore a shirt underneath because it definitely was not warm enough outside for a sundress.

Thursday was the 2nd anniversary of when we found out that Gregory had died.  A dear friend and her children came over to provide a welcomed distraction for the day.  Later in the day when Ish returned home, I took advantage of some beautiful early evening light.   (And yes Lily did wear the same outfit 2 days in a row; she really loves that rainbow dress).

One of the sweetest things that happened surrounding the events of Zélie's allergic reaction is that Atticus was so worried for her.  He actually wanted to go to the ER with us instead of hanging out with his cousins.  He was amazingly behaved in the ER and I think it helped him to understand that Zélie was okay. 

Zélie was in much better spirits on Saturday.  She was also incredibly excited about her new jacket. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Project 365 Week 9

 I felt like this week was slightly slower than it has been for a while.  The kids were happy to have cousins visit early in the week, and then we had a relatively slow week after that.  The kids had lots of time to play, create, and learn with the lull in activity.

This girl is the queen of hilarious expressions lately.  She is super expressive not unlike her older sister.  I am just waiting until she adopts the side eye that all of my kids seem to have gotten from me (oops!).

These two are just shy of 5 months apart in age.  Zélie enjoyed trekking around after her cousin all day on Monday.   

A few weeks ago, I found a complete set of the original wooden Tinkertoys at a thrift store for a whopping $1.91.  The kids have been having an absolute blast playing with them.  Here Liliana shows off a car that she made.

The kids spent almost the entirety of Wednesday morning painting.  They were getting along incredibly.  It was all fun and games until Lily came into the kitchen to show me that she had painted the majority of her body a striking green color; it turned into emergency bathtime.  As much as I don't enjoy the mess that this sort of thing creates; I do enjoy getting a glimpse into Liliana's sense of wonder and curiosity.

Little Ish is contemplating what to paint next.  He and Atticus spent their whole morning painting again while Lily designed various paint free craft projects.  I love how art brings my kids together.  They spend the time chattering away and giggling as they create. 

To catch Atticus in a completely still moment is a rarity these days.  As posed as this shot appears to be, it is completely candid.  I love that I have a photo of him in his favorite orange shirt now.

This girl loves food and is especially excited about toast this week.  I have caught her cruising around the dining room table attempting to reach down her siblings' crusts a few times this week.