Sunday, July 2, 2017

Project 365 Week 23

I am still playing catch up.  Also, apparently I forgot to take a photo on June 4th.

Lily was relaxing peacefully on the couch and I was hoping to get a photo of her serene expression as she daydreamed, but she spotted the camera and I captured a bit of silliness instead.

Because sometimes the expression on Zélie's face is worth pushing my ISO way too far up and embracing the grain...

Zélie was napping in perfect lighting and I couldn't help myself.

Lily's look of horror is brought to you by a Rube Goldberg Machine parts stealing baby.

We took a family walk after dinner.  Lily is sitting on what the kids have dubbed "the resting rock" as she waits for everyone to catch up.  I love how pleased she looks that Little Ish caught up to her. 

Little Ish was showing off his new haircut.  It was nice to see his eyes again!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Project 365 Week 22

You may have noticed that I have failed to post any of my photos in the month of June.  I didn't stop photographing; we just happened to be away from home for almost half the month, and uploading, editing, and posting fell down the priority list.  To keep the catch up more manageable, I will be posting one week at a time over the next few days.

I love watching Little Ish's tendencies to love and care for Zélie.  It's a pretty common sight to see him with a hand on her shoulder guiding her.  He is such a good big brother to her.

On Memorial Day, we visited a new sensory playground local to us.  One of Zélie's favorite parts was the musical instruments in one area of the playground.

She may look sweet and innocent but she was stealing the subject of my photo shoot for a blog I occasionally contribute to.

Apparently this week was Zélie week.  I pulled out my camera this day just because she was standing in beautiful light.

When everyone rests, Zélie plays.  Zélie spent all of resttime this day playing with this scarf and hat.  It is so fun to see how she plays by herself.

Zélie checking out her shadow.  My grandmother made the dress she is wearing over 30 years ago.

Little Ish wanted some alone time before going to our end of the year homeschool co-op event so he went out on the front steps to read.  Because it was so sunny, he ran in and grabbed his sun hat and then ran right back out to keep reading. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Project 365 Weeks 20 and 21

After a full weekend of activity and a wonderful Mother's Day, these three settled in to watch an episode together.  I have no clue what was going on in the episode, but I find their reactions hilarious.

Little Ish is prepping for a ride down the banister--his favorite way to come down the stairs.

We have a screened-in porch off of our kitchen.  Zélie has recently discovered the joys of playing out there.  It also seems to fulfill her desires to play outside when it is not a good time to go outside.

I just wanted to take a moment to focus on Lily and her beautiful, generally unbrushed, and oh so surprising red hair.  We have had a few good conversations about recessive genes lately.

I spent the day babysitting four of my nieces and nephews.  This may sound like insanity, but because they are so close with my kids I pretty much end up spending the day taking care of Zélie while the big kids play nicely together.  When they first arrived Persephone decided to hang back with me an Zélie instead of joining in the big kid fun. These two spent about 20 minutes looking at this book together.  Persephone took the time to point out different objects in each picture. 

Little Ish has entered the era of losing teeth.  He ended up having to have his first two teeth pulled as he had what are known as shark teeth where the adult teeth grow in behind the baby teeth in such a way that the baby teeth don't get loose and fall out. He was very excited to lose teeth even if it wasn't in the usual manner and now he has a very sweet lisp.

We spent our morning at a family fair and yard sale at our friends' school.  While we were there, the three big kids made fish kites.  As soon as we got home, they spent a bunch of time running around the yard and the sidewalks infront of our house flying their kites. 

Zélie loves collecting things off of the ground; she especially loves collecting the seed pods that our sycamore tree drops.  The challenge of the spring has been to keep her from eating them.

Little Ish has been spending a lot of time this week learning to draw pokémon from a book he received for Christmas.  One of the great things about homeschooling has been the ability for him to pursue his interests and being able to show up to school dressed as a dragon in the middle of May.

I am sure there will come a day when my children will ask why I took so many photos of their eyelashes. 

Zélie kept getting into their game so they hid on the stairs where she couldn't get to them.

Confession time.  I didn't feel like chasing anyone to get a good photo and Zélie was strapped into her highchair sitting in decent if not terribly beautiful light.

With a little encouragement, Atticus put on his sandals all by himself for the first time.

Ish showed Zélie how to put a cylinder block in to the empty paper towel roll.  She caught on pretty quickly and then proceeded to repeat the process many times over.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Project 365 Weeks 18 and 19

I realized, after the last post where I covered two weeks, that posting my project in 2 week installments might make my Sunday evenings a little more relaxing. I am going to try posting every other Sunday for the next few updates and see if I like it better that way.

Zélie has a new found love and admiration for her cousin Percival.  She got very excited when he walked over to talk to her.

Zélie has recently discovered how much fun it is to hide behind the couch and play peekaboo.

One year molars are no fun, but chomping on her own fingers seems to help.

Rest time has been a real hassle most days for the past year.  Atticus doesn't consistently nap and it has taken a long time and a lot of encouragement for him to finally do rest time well.  Late afternoon pictures of this guy used to be full of grumpy or crying faces; these days he is almost always pleasant because he is well rested.

Atticus discovered the last remaining balloon from Easter and was quite pleased with himself.

Molars were the theme of the week.  Poor teething baby!

I spent my afternoon taking photos for a client and completely forgot about my project 365 until bedtime.  Sleepy children don't like to look at the camera or humor me so this is the best I could get.

We spend an awful lot of time chasing this girl down and pulling small objects out of her mouth.  Having older siblings is sometimes a choking hazard.

This photo of Zélie just makes me laugh. 

Zélie has figured out how to climb the dining room chairs.  I have started putting one by the window so she can climb and look out.


I was having a problem with my eye on Wednesday. Having an unrelenting eye twitch led me to decide to skip a day. 

Lily has been incredibly fickle about allowing me to take her photo lately.  I was pretty pleased when she was game for a few photos on Thursday morning.

Zélie was dusting off her hands after playing in the grass.  The sweater she is wearing originally belonged to my 19 year old niece when she was a toddler.

All 4 kids have been getting so much play out of this nylon tunnel this past week.  Atticus particularly likes to stand inside it and pretend to be a noodle.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Project 365 Weeks 16 and 17

Last Sunday, my family was traveling back to Delaware from a trip to Massachusetts for a dear friend's wedding.  I decided to do a combined post for the past two weeks of photos.


Alleluia, He is risen!  Happy Easter!  I had very little luck getting a group Easter photo where everyone was looking at the camera, but I absolutely love this shot even if it isn't typical.

Zélie really loves being outside.  About 5 minutes before this was taken she was restless and cranky.  I took her outside, and voila, she was perfectly content.  By the way her hands and face are not bruised they are just stained with frozen blueberries (one of her favorites!)

I was a little disappointed that our boxwood didn't survive pruning because it meant the loss of beautiful green bokeh, but I am kind of loving the effect of the bokeh created by the bare branches.  I still think boxwoods are ugly and still want to uproot it and plant something prettier, but for now I will appreciate the interesting photo background.

One of the best parts of Spring Break week?  The kids get to play with Daddy when they aren't completely exhausted.

This lady was a little concerned that I had left the room to grab my camera.  We had just arrived a few hours earlier at my sister's house so she was a little shy.  It didn't last long.

About 30 seconds before I took this photo of my sweet nephew, Atticus was curled up beside him watching some Daniel Tiger.  As soon as he spotted my camera, he jumped ship.  I do love having a photo of this cutie pie though.


My photo for today will not be posted.  It is a photo from my dear friend's wedding reception and I do not like to post photos without permission.  I also think she and her husband should get to view the photo first.

Want to know how to impress a 3 yearold?  Put sprinkles in the pancake batter.  My brother-in-law has received declarations from my 3 big kids that he makes the best pancakes.  Sprinkles for the win!

So how do you get a smile like this for a photo?  I said, "Guess what!"  Little Ish, knowing where this generally leads said, "chicken butt?"  My response? "No, cucumber potatoes"  Apparently that was enough to catch his funny bone.  He was literally on the floor laughing and clutching his side. 

Liliana doesn't nap often, but when she does, she does it in style.

Zélie is obsessed with her Camelbak water bottle.    Actually she is obsessed with camelbak water bottles in general.  We made the mistake of not bringing hers with us to a gathering with friends.  A lot of her friends had their camelbaks with them and she was so sad and angry that we wouldn't let her drink from theirs.

At 13 months, my big kids were either taking their first steps or still crawling; Zélie climbed to the top of the tallest slide at the playground by herself.  Ish was standing by to rescue her if she needed it. 

Atticus had a blast fighting pretend fires on Lola and Dziadzia's back patio. 

The dress Zélie is wearing is perhaps one of my best consignment scores ever--a Matilda Jane dress in perfect condition for $5.  I am completely obsessed with the color combination on her too with her red hair.  And just a charming anecdote in regards to the dress: Last night my friend's 4 yearold daughter came up to me and said, "Excuse me Siné, did you know that Zélie is cute?" and 2 minutes later she came over and said, "Excuse me Siné, did you know Zélie's dress is very pretty?"