Monday, July 6, 2015

Little Ish Turns 5

Little Ish turned 5 on June 26th.  He had been anticipating be 5 for months and his anticipation was heightened when his cousin turned 5 six weeks before his birthday.  As for celebrations, we had a small family celebration in Massachusetts on the day of his birthday.  His requested birthday dinner was pulled pork subs, potato chips, and cucumber slices.  My mom made a cake, and Little Ish worked with Big Ish to map out where he wanted to put each of his Mario action figures on the cake. 

On July 4th, we celebrated in Delaware at our friends' house.  He was thrilled that part of his birthday celebration included watching a local fireworks display from our friends' front yard.  He later reported to me that it was his favorite birthday present, and during the display he told Big Ish, "It's the best gift that ever the sky has given me."

He has spent the past several days declaring that whatever he is doing is the "first time I've done this as a 5 year old". 


In light of my recent posts about Lily and Atticus, I thought I would use this space to note a few things about Little Ish at 5 years old.

--He loves to cut things out and will spend hours cutting out miniature pictures of various cartoon characters that he has printed off the computer.  He was thrilled when I relayed to him that Saint Thérèse spent a fair amount of time as a child cutting paper.

--He loves cracking eggs and will help crack them whenever he gets the chance.

--He likes harvesting sorrel wherever he finds it and puts it in salads and on burgers.

--He has a real tender spot in his heart for Atticus and gets super excited every time Atticus learns something new.

--He is starting to read a little bit here and there.  He can read most of the Level 1 Bob Books with out help.

--He loves to count but generally gets bored with it somewhere around 230.

--He is often making up word problems that require basic addition and then solving them.

--He loves playing Super Smash Bros.  with his cousins.

--He has recently shown an interest in learning to hit a baseball. 

--He still love to cuddle and will climb up on my or Ish's lap just to spend time with us. 

--He has just started to enjoy playing board games.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lily at 3 years 7 months

After my brain dump about Atticus on Tuesday, I thought I would follow up with one filled with things I don't want to forget about Lily.  Today she is 3 years and 7 months old so it seems as good a time as any to jot a few things down.

--She loves helping Ish water the garden in the morning.

--If another child takes a toy from her she throws a royal fit, but when they ask nicely she readily gives up whatever toy she is using.

--She loves picking flowers.  She especially loves picking dandelions.  Every time we go outside, within seconds she says, "Mommy, I have a surprise for you," and  she pulls a dandelion out from behind her back.

--She collects things and stores them in bags.  When she can't find a bag she stores her treasures in a hat.  She has one hat that she lovingly refers to as her "hat-bag-purse".

--She likes to wear necklaces and bracelets and has reached an age where she'll actually keep them on for more than a minute or two.

--She would subsist on carrots and hummus if she were allowed to.

--She is starting to draw a lot more often.  Recently balloons are a favorite.

--She can recognize her name when it is printed (both Lily and Liliana).

--She has several characters that she pretends to be.  The two most frequent are Etta, who rides a horse and Callie who has fuzzy pink and purple hair.

--When she is scared of something in a movie she asks Ish to "protect me of the bad guys".

--When she is looking for Atticus she asks "Where's my Ats-a-bats" and when she is looking for Little Ish she wants to know where her "Ferks-a-berks" is.  She refers to her cousin Percival as her "Herfs-a-berfs".

--She is still tiny enough to front-carry in the Boba carrier and will often request for Atticus to ride in the grocery cart so that I can wear her.

--She is petrified of ants.

--She gives an amazing side eye.

--She likes to play a game she calls "Grape Shoopa" in which she pours water from one container to another.  She will often play this for an hour at a time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Atticus at 17 months

Atticus is 17 months old today.  I am writing a brain dump of little things that I don't want to forget about him at this age.

--He has lots of words and the occasional sentence.

--He is still nursing frequently, but has started to drink the occasional few ounces of cows' milk.  He calls cows milk "Dada mulk".  When Atticus wants a cup of milk, he asks for a "puck-a-mulk".

--He is so quick to tantrum, and I have to stop myself from laughing at how cute his tantrums are.  He often throws himself on the floor and marine crawls backwards as he screams.

--He loves playing with toy cars and with animal figurines.

--He is particularly attached to a couple of action figures of Mario and Luigi.  He calls Luigi "Weeji"

--Atticus loves dirt.  He earns his baths.

--His nap schedule is erratic, but barring illness or teething he sleeps through the night.

--When it rains, he stands at the door yelling "Wawa" (water) over and over again.

--He loves all kinds of foods except for broccoli. Oh the faces he makes when he bites into broccoli!

--Recently when he bit me on the shoulder he apologized by saying "Na bite. Na eat." and making lots of kissing noises.

--If he spills something, he will gladly wipe it up with a rag.

--He still loves playing with balls.

--He calls Little Ish "brother" and Lily  "Lilla".

--He sings and dances a lot.  Occasionally when I am singing him a bedtime song he'll stop me if I mess the notes up (sometimes by singing the right notes back at me).

Monday, May 18, 2015

He Knows What He Wants

Atticus is a baby who definitely knows what he wants.  He spends a lot of time saying "ow-side, doh!" (outside, door!), trying to make sure he gets his fill of outside time.  When he wants me to hold him, he stands at my feet saying "na-down!"(not down) or "bup!" (up) on repeat until I finish the task at hand and pick him up.  He is very adept at asking to eat and nurse.  And, lest I forget, he loves to ask for lights and ceiling fans to be turned on or off.

He is pretty verbal for a 16 month old, but that doesn't stop him from getting frustrated when his new talker pronunciation fails to get him what he wants.  On Saturday morning, Atticus was sitting in his highchair whimpering and clearly annoyed as we finished up breakfast.  Instead of asking my normal, "Are you ready to get down now?" I responded to his fussing by calmly inquiring, "Atticus, what do you want?"  Clear as a bell, he replied "I want mama."  Be still my melted puddle of a heart.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Gregory's Blanket

In January, Ish and I found out that I was pregnant with another child due in September.  On March 9th, at 12 weeks pregnant, we found out that the baby had died in utero. On March 25th, our son, Gregory Innocent was born sleeping.  On Easter Monday, surrounded by family and friends, we had a graveside service for Gregory.  He is now buried with his great-grandfather.

Soon after I found out that I was pregnant with Gregory, I started knitting a blanket for him.  I didn't get very far before he died.  I couldn't bear to finish the entire blanket, but even more so I couldn't bear ripping it out.  Last night I finally put a garter border on the blanket and bound off.

When she found out that I had miscarried, a friend lent me her copy of A Call to a Deeper Love.  It is the correspondence of St. Therese's parents, Blessed Zélie and Louis Martin.  She thought it would bring me comfort, and indeed, it has.  Zélie and Louis lost 4 of their children (3 as infants and 1 in early childhood).  The way in which Zélie writes about her children and their deaths has brought me so much comfort and a good dose of perspective.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Little Ish and Lily

Little Ish and Lily have only a 16½ months age difference.  Having two kids so close in age was terrifying to me when I was pregnant with Liliana.  I couldn't quite fathom how I was going to effectively care for and mother two babies at the same time.  Honestly, I felt completely off my game for the first year of Lily's life.  As Lily got to an age where she could run around and play with Little Ish, life got infinitely easier.  They gradually developed a strong and deep friendship. 

As things stand today, Little Ish is quickly approaching his 5th birthday and Liliana reached 3 ½ this week.  While there are days that they bicker endlessly, the majority of the time they are the best of friends.  Sure, they know how to get a rise out of each other and push all the right buttons to cause the other one's temper to flare, and those moments are hard for them and for me.  The shadow cast by those rough patches are vastly outshone by the sweet and tender moments they share.  It is a common scene for me to go to check on Lily when she cries out in the middle of the night only to find that Little Ish is already at her side patting her back or holding her hand and has soothed Lily back to a peaceful sleep. They are full of giggles and jokes when they play--peels of laughter ring through our home.  As I watch them, I realize that they are teaching each other so much about love and friendship. I look forward to watching their bond as siblings strengthen as they grow.