Thursday, July 21, 2016

Boston at Twilight

When we were visiting my family, I took the opportunity to walk down to the water one night at twilight.  The sole purpose of this outing was for me to capture photos of the Boston skyline.  It was a fun challenge for me as I don't often work with slow shutterspeeds and tiny apertures.  In an ideal world, I would have used a tripod and would have fired the shutter remotely; in my not so ideal world I used fence posts and hoped that I didn't shake the camera too much while releasing the shutter.  Overall, I am pretty happy with how these turned out.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Dream Come True

There are matchbox car kids and dinosaur kids; there are outerspace kids and knights of the round table kids, and then there are basement guy kids.  Atticus is my basement guy kid.  First off , a basement guy is Atticus's word for all guys who ride trucks, climb ladders, and use machinery.  Construction workers are basement guys.  Landscapers are basement guys.  Firefighters are basement guys.  Aside from getting to use a lawn mower (which might make him faint out of sheer amazement), one of Atticus's life goals is to get to climb on trucks.  When we visited my family in Massachusetts this June, my brother made Atticus's dream come true.  Since he is a firefighter, he was able to arrange for my kids to visit the firehouse and climb all over the fire engine.  All three big kids enjoyed it.  They especially liked when my brother's coworkers let them spray water from a pressurized can.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Plans Failed

At the beginning of June, I had all of these great plans for getting back into blogging regularly during Ish's summer break.  These plans clearly failed.  It was a good failing though as it allowed me to spend Ish's summer break not worrying about writing or getting photos edited in a timely manner.  I do, however want to take time to document our summer adventures so I will be spending the next week or two posting a little bit of what my family did this summer.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Liliana Lately

Liliana, at four and a half, is probably the most spirited of my children.  Nothing she does is halfway.  When she is happy, she is the happiest girl in the world.  When she is sad, she is in the depths of despair.  She is passionate about, well, everything.  She is incredibly loving, a wonderful sister, and quick to make others laugh. Here is a little bit of what she is up to these days:

--She is slowly but surely figuring out how to read and spell on her own.  As her mother, this is fascinating to watch.

--She currently loves for me to read her the Amelia Bedelia books.

--She spends a fair amount of time sounding out and asking me how to spell words so that she can write lists.

--She enjoys dressing up in fancy dresses, but is equally happy to be in scrubby play clothes so that she can make mudpies and splash in mud puddles.

--She has little treasure hoards all around the house.  She collects little things and hides them together in any empty drawer or cabinet space she can find.

--She has an alter-ego named Bubblegum Girl

--I overheard her talking to Little Ish about Saints the other day.  After Little Ish told her that he has always liked Saint Michael a lot, Lily told him: "I always look up to Saint Mary; she's my girl!"

--She has an unrivaled enthusiasm for glitter glue

--She loves to pick and gift people with wild flowers and dandelions.

--She will get Little Ish to play house with her by asking him to play Ninja Turtle's house.  It is just house where they call eachother by Ninja Turtle names and occasionally bust out the ninja moves to prevent Shredder from disrupting dinner.

--She is starting to demonstrate some facility in basic addition and subtraction.

--She finally has long enough legs to pedal the tricycle.

--She asked me to do a photo shoot of her so she could wear a flower crown I bought as a photo prop.  The photos above are a result of that shoot. 

Friday, May 13, 2016


When I was pregnant with Zélie, I was absolutely convinced that I was having a boy.  And while I would have happily welcomed another sweet little boy to the family, my heart ached for Liliana who spent much of the pregnancy telling me how she was really hoping for a sister.  I spent a lot of time trying to prepare her for the possibility of a brother and the ensuing 4 yearold heartbreak.  It clearly turns out that was all for naught. 

Liliana couldn't be more excited to have a little sister.  She loves on her constantly.  Lily has become a pro at calming Zélie down when she is fussing.  She wants to hold Zélie frequently--even when she is screaming.  I am very encouraged by how she has grown into her big sister role this time around.  [She is an excellent big sister to Atticus too, but when he was born she was in the throes of being a two yearold.]

Zélie loves Liliana already.  She smiles when Lily walks into her field of vision and often starts to fuss if Lily walks away.  I am excited to watch these girls grow up together.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Zélie--The First 6 Weeks

Just a few quick notes:

Zélie reached the 6 week mark on Friday, and it is honestly difficult to believe it has been 6 weeks already.  On the other hand, it feels like she has been a part of the family forever.  The kids love her.  She and Atticus are especially good buddies; I think this can in part be owed to them nursing together--as my friend said, "they are breast friends".  Tandem nursing continues to go well (Sylvia, I promise to write about it more in depth soon!)  Zélie has a pretty sweet easy-going personality, but like Lily and Atticus, she is plagued by reflux.  Medication has helped a lot, but since she is growing so fast, it is easy for her to outgrow her dose which turns her into a miserable baby. 

You may have noticed the dearth of photos with me and Zélie together.  Most of the photos I have of the two of us together are from the hour after her birth (thanks to my amazing doula Melissa who doubled as the post-birth photographer!) or they are of me tandem nursing on the day Zélie and Atticus first met.  Due to the lack of clothing, I am keeping these photos, as beautiful and cherished as they are, off of the blog.