Sunday, April 30, 2017

Project 365 Weeks 16 and 17

Last Sunday, my family was traveling back to Delaware from a trip to Massachusetts for a dear friend's wedding.  I decided to do a combined post for the past two weeks of photos.


Alleluia, He is risen!  Happy Easter!  I had very little luck getting a group Easter photo where everyone was looking at the camera, but I absolutely love this shot even if it isn't typical.

Zélie really loves being outside.  About 5 minutes before this was taken she was restless and cranky.  I took her outside, and voila, she was perfectly content.  By the way her hands and face are not bruised they are just stained with frozen blueberries (one of her favorites!)

I was a little disappointed that our boxwood didn't survive pruning because it meant the loss of beautiful green bokeh, but I am kind of loving the effect of the bokeh created by the bare branches.  I still think boxwoods are ugly and still want to uproot it and plant something prettier, but for now I will appreciate the interesting photo background.

One of the best parts of Spring Break week?  The kids get to play with Daddy when they aren't completely exhausted.

This lady was a little concerned that I had left the room to grab my camera.  We had just arrived a few hours earlier at my sister's house so she was a little shy.  It didn't last long.

About 30 seconds before I took this photo of my sweet nephew, Atticus was curled up beside him watching some Daniel Tiger.  As soon as he spotted my camera, he jumped ship.  I do love having a photo of this cutie pie though.


My photo for today will not be posted.  It is a photo from my dear friend's wedding reception and I do not like to post photos without permission.  I also think she and her husband should get to view the photo first.

Want to know how to impress a 3 yearold?  Put sprinkles in the pancake batter.  My brother-in-law has received declarations from my 3 big kids that he makes the best pancakes.  Sprinkles for the win!

So how do you get a smile like this for a photo?  I said, "Guess what!"  Little Ish, knowing where this generally leads said, "chicken butt?"  My response? "No, cucumber potatoes"  Apparently that was enough to catch his funny bone.  He was literally on the floor laughing and clutching his side. 

Liliana doesn't nap often, but when she does, she does it in style.

Zélie is obsessed with her Camelbak water bottle.    Actually she is obsessed with camelbak water bottles in general.  We made the mistake of not bringing hers with us to a gathering with friends.  A lot of her friends had their camelbaks with them and she was so sad and angry that we wouldn't let her drink from theirs.

At 13 months, my big kids were either taking their first steps or still crawling; Zélie climbed to the top of the tallest slide at the playground by herself.  Ish was standing by to rescue her if she needed it. 

Atticus had a blast fighting pretend fires on Lola and Dziadzia's back patio. 

The dress Zélie is wearing is perhaps one of my best consignment scores ever--a Matilda Jane dress in perfect condition for $5.  I am completely obsessed with the color combination on her too with her red hair.  And just a charming anecdote in regards to the dress: Last night my friend's 4 yearold daughter came up to me and said, "Excuse me Siné, did you know that Zélie is cute?" and 2 minutes later she came over and said, "Excuse me Siné, did you know Zélie's dress is very pretty?" 

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