Sunday, April 9, 2017

Project 365 Week 14

So it finally happened;I missed a day. On Monday things were extra crazy and the only photo I took was of a gigantic splinter in Little Ish's foot.   My goal for this project was to pick up my DSLR every single day this year, but sometimes life just happens.  I hadn't even realized that I missed a day until Tuesday morning.  I am not discouraged, and for the sake of not grossing anyone else out, I will refrain from posting the ghastly splinter photo. 


This photo makes me laugh every time I look at it.  Zélie is Atticus's favorite person and I am starting to think Atticus may be Zélie's favorite person too.  When Atticus is sad her hugs and kisses Zélie.  He does not feel comfortable when he doesn't know where she is.  Zélie definitely keeps tabs on Atticus throughout the day too.  I catch her crawling or walking over to where he is, smiling, and then walking back to whatever she was doing before she went to check on him.  It melts my heart.

No photo today, but I would like to report that the splinter was successfully removed from Little Ish's foot.

This sweet girl started the day with a low grade fever.  I assumed it was because she seems to be working on a molar.  By the time she woke up from her afternoon nap, however, her temperature was over 103 degrees and she had a fine rash all over her torso.  I called the pediatrician, and it turns out Zélie was having a fairly typical and harmless reaction to the MMR vaccine she had 8 days prior.  I was relieved to know that the fever would dissipate with in 48 hours and that it wasn't anything she could pass on to her siblings.

These two spend a lot of time arguing and tattling on each other, but they are also such good buddies.  I love when I find them just enjoying each other's company.

I thought she was chewing on her fingers, I noticed right after snapping the photo that she was trying to eat a pompom from the big kids' art supplies.  They are easily Zélie's favorite thing to find and stick in her mouth, I am constantly fishing them out of her mouth.  Thankfully she has not choked on one, but when the rest of our current supply of pompoms is gone, I will not be replenishing them for quite a long while.

Sometimes he stands still and I can capture the details of his toddler features.  I am so glad to have captured his still very much baby-like hands.

Zélie spent about 30 minutes stacking and unstacking these cups in various locations throughout the house. 

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