Sunday, April 16, 2017

Project 365 Week 15

This past week has been a blur.   It felt busier than it actually was, but I am very grateful that this next week is spring break for my husband.  Hopefully that will give me time to get my feet back under me.


We had beautiful weather on Sunday so I felt the need to put Zélie in the sweet romper before she outgrows it.  I get a real kick out of how Zélie walks when she has shoes on in the house.  She pretty much marches everywhere.

Lily has recently expressed a somewhat larger than normal fear of bees.  For a few days she refused to go outside at all.  On Monday, with a lot of encouragement--and a bit of bribery--she decided that she was going to face her fears.  She is pictured here wearing her bee protection gear.  She has headphones so bees cannot fly into her ears; binoculars so she can spot bees coming, and a bandage just in case a bee stings her.  She is definitely getting less afraid, and is spending more time outside.

I, for one, am really enjoying the warmer weather we have had this past week.  Tuesday evening it was still warm enough outside after dinner to go outside and play.  Zélie really liked being barefoot in the grass; she also liked trying to eat rocks.

Somebody discovered Daddy's dice bag.  No dice made it to her mouth, and I managed to confiscate it fairly quickly.

Atticus loves his 15 minutes of game time.  Ish and Lily play their 15 minutes on the computer, but Atticus prefers playing a game on Ish's phone.  Being able to play on the phone often requires him doing the job of getting the phone off of the charger and bringing it downstairs so Ish can set him up (and put the phone in guided access).

Lily was disappointed that she couldn't go hand deliver a thank you note to our neighbors because they were out of town for the day.  With predictions of rain and a less than cautious mail delivery person, we didn't want her chancing putting it into the mailbox only to have the postal worker leave the top open later while it was raining. 

We spent some time on Holy Saturday dying eggs for Easter.  Little Ish and Liliana really liked trying some wax resist on their eggs. 

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