Sunday, May 14, 2017

Project 365 Weeks 18 and 19

I realized, after the last post where I covered two weeks, that posting my project in 2 week installments might make my Sunday evenings a little more relaxing. I am going to try posting every other Sunday for the next few updates and see if I like it better that way.

Zélie has a new found love and admiration for her cousin Percival.  She got very excited when he walked over to talk to her.

Zélie has recently discovered how much fun it is to hide behind the couch and play peekaboo.

One year molars are no fun, but chomping on her own fingers seems to help.

Rest time has been a real hassle most days for the past year.  Atticus doesn't consistently nap and it has taken a long time and a lot of encouragement for him to finally do rest time well.  Late afternoon pictures of this guy used to be full of grumpy or crying faces; these days he is almost always pleasant because he is well rested.

Atticus discovered the last remaining balloon from Easter and was quite pleased with himself.

Molars were the theme of the week.  Poor teething baby!

I spent my afternoon taking photos for a client and completely forgot about my project 365 until bedtime.  Sleepy children don't like to look at the camera or humor me so this is the best I could get.

We spend an awful lot of time chasing this girl down and pulling small objects out of her mouth.  Having older siblings is sometimes a choking hazard.

This photo of Zélie just makes me laugh. 

Zélie has figured out how to climb the dining room chairs.  I have started putting one by the window so she can climb and look out.


I was having a problem with my eye on Wednesday. Having an unrelenting eye twitch led me to decide to skip a day. 

Lily has been incredibly fickle about allowing me to take her photo lately.  I was pretty pleased when she was game for a few photos on Thursday morning.

Zélie was dusting off her hands after playing in the grass.  The sweater she is wearing originally belonged to my 19 year old niece when she was a toddler.

All 4 kids have been getting so much play out of this nylon tunnel this past week.  Atticus particularly likes to stand inside it and pretend to be a noodle.

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