Monday, November 21, 2011

A bit of "bathroom humor"...

Yesterday we celebrated Super Thanksgiving with Ish's family.  At one point after dinner this conversation took place:

Ish: Do you know where our boy is?
Me: Last I saw him he was in the dining room taking all the oranges out of the fruit bowl. (note: this was about 2 minutes before the conversation took place)

Ish then handed Lily to me so I could go upstairs and nurse her.  As I was on my way upstairs I walked past the bathroom.  The door was open, and what did I see? A very content looking Little Ish sitting in the toilet.  When I asked what he was doing his response was: "Bath".

I called for Ish, who told me that since the damage was already done that I might as well grab my camera.   My brother in-law Walter managed to catch some of it on video.

[Note: I only find this funny because he wasn't head down when I found him.  This could have ended terribly.  It is a good reminder to close all bathroom doors when you have a very curious toddler in the house.]

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