Monday, February 13, 2012

The Many Faces of Ferkel

A note on the title:  When Little Ish was an infant, he would snort when he cried.  Ish and I took to lovingly calling him piglet.  A friend of ours who speaks German informed us that ferkel is the German for young pig or piglet.  We tentatively started calling Little Ish by Ferkel and it stuck.  He has recently started calling himself Ferkel too.  I am pretty sure he is stuck with this nickname for life.

Carrying on...

A few weeks ago, Ish borrowed my camera at my request in order to capture some photos of Little Ish wearing some super cute overalls handed down from Ish's now 21 yearold cousin.  Ish ended up capturing many common Little Ish expressions.

Happy Ferkel

"Life's not fair!" Ferkel
"What on earth is going on?! You want me to smile? Pshaw!" Ferkel
I would like to take the time to note that the expression in the last photo is proof that Little Ish is my son.  I make that same face probably more often than I should.  Ish calls it my "Ish just said 'funner' face".  He may look nothing like me, but he definitely has taken on some of my mannerisms.


  1. I wouldn't say he looks nothing like you! Especially in that last picture you can see the resemblance in his eyes and mouth. anyway very cute :3

    1. I can agree on the mouth part. When the midwife put him on my chest the day he was born, I immediately pointed out that he has my grandfather's lips (I do too!)