Sunday, September 30, 2012

Brown Pants

It isn't any secret that toddlers are very opinionated and often have a very set preference of how they want things to be.  Little Ish is fairly flexible for a two year old.  He does, however, have one rather specific request that if not met tends to cause a lot of whining and fussing.  He only wants to wear "brown pants" (known to the rest of the world as khakis).  This preference has developed in the past month as he has been perfecting his ability to differentiate between and label different colors.  It is still possible to get him to wear his denim overalls (probably because he doesn't think of them as pants), and occasionally I can get him to wear Uncle Scott pants which is what he calls any pants with vertical stripes down the side.  The biggest fussing hoopla occurs when I try to get him to wear gray pants.  The other morning when I went upstairs to pick out his clothes, he called up after me reminding me, "Mommy, no gray pants!"

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