Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Go Away!

As Liliana has entered toddlerdom, she has taken on a new role in Little Ish's life.  She is now interested in the toys that he plays with, and since she only has a modicum of self-control, she often just grabs toys right out of his hands while he is playing.  Little Ish has yet to figure out how to deal with this toy heisting.  His original and most frequent reaction is to get upset and tell me what has happened; he then requests that I intervene.  Impressively, he doesn't generally attempt hitting, biting, or wrestling in order to reclaim the toy.  His most recent attempt to deal with grand theft toy was largely ineffective but incredibly amusing (at least to me).  He started singing, "Go away Lily Rae. Go Away!"  to the tune of "Go Away Big Green Monster".  This in no way got Lily to give back the toy, but by the end of his singing Lily was dancing and he had forgotten about her offense.

And for those of you who have no clue what song I was referring to, here is a video of it.

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