Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finished, Almost Finished, and Far from Finished

After a month of knitting away steadily, I have finished the knitting part of the baby blanket for the new baby.  I have yet to weave in ends or block it, but I am quite content with how it turned out. I will update with a photo of it all spread out once I have it completely finished.

After spending a lot of time on long and somewhat intense knitting projects I decided I needed to make something quick to knit so I spent 3 days last week knitting a Little Pumpkin hat from the Itty-Bitty Hatsbook.  I made one for Little Ish when I was pregnant with Liliana and bought enough yarn to make one for her the next year.  I decided against making her one last year as the yarn matches her red hair a little too well.  Instead I made the hat for my nephew Percival.

Now I am onto my next big project--a birthday shrug for Liliana.  I am using the Snugly Shrug pattern.  It shouldn't take me too long to complete, but I want to give myself time in case I flub it up majorly.  The yarn I settled on is Dolce Merino from Universal Yarn.  It is so soft and cuddly.

Other than knitting a lot I am also reading away steadily at a few books.  I am nearing the end of Playful Learning by Mariah Bruehl and can tell that it will serve as a fantastic homeschooling resource over the next several years.  I am about three quarters of the way through Fifteen Minutes Outside by Rebecca Cohen and although I have gleaned a few good ideas from it, I am disappointed with it overall.  I am also reading One Question by Ken Coleman and although it isn't quite what I expected it to be, I am enjoying it.

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