Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Special delivery! (Halloween Edition)

For Halloween this year, my mom made  the majority of Little Ish's costume.  He had decided to be Wind-up Knight, a character from a game Ish plays on his ipad.  While I could have made something that he would have been happy with, it would not have been something that could stand-up to his desires to use the costume during daily play.  The plan was for my mom to make and then mail the costume (along with Lily's costume) in time for trick-or-treating.  Instead a couple nights before Halloween, my mom called me and asked if we'd be up for her hand-delivering the costumes and an impromptu visit; we most certainly were!  I didn't tell the kids she was coming so when they woke up to find her at our house on Halloween morning they were pretty excited.  Little Ish loved his costume and wears at least one part of it if not all of it daily.  Liliana wore the same costume that I wore for my 2nd Halloween--the calico cat costume that one of my mom's siblings wore more than a decade before I did. 

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