Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Garden in Manual

After 4 years of owning my DSLR camera and mostly shooting in auto with the occasional foray into aperture priority mode, I finally decided to just go ahead and put all my reading and video tutorial watching to use and shoot in manual.  I took a few pictures [in manual] of a magic performance that Ish was doing on Saturday, and was reasonably pleased with the result.  It was this little confidence boost that encouraged me to spend a huge portion of Sunday documenting the day in photos and really experimenting with all my camera has to offer.

Sunday after Mass, Ish needed to do some work in the garden.  The kids happily joined him outside and alternated between playing and helping.  I, however, just took out my camera and played.  I am blessed that my kids generally don't mind being shadowed and photographed as they go about their day.  I am really pleased with many of the photos, and was surprised that I understood more than I thought about my camera.

On a totally different note, my apple trees have leaves!  We planted three apple trees this fall, and I had been referring to them as my apple sticks--they were so bare and dead looking.  I have been so pleased to see them actually showing signs of life. 

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