Monday, January 4, 2016

A Birthday and a Photo Shoot

Atticus turned 2 on Saturday and had a grand time celebrating with friends Saturday evening.   On Saturday morning, in attempts to get some good Christmas photos before the lights came down at Longwood Gardens, we spent an hour or so doing photoshoot there.  Atticus wanted pretty much nothing to do with it and finally allowed me to get a couple of decent shots when I offered to buy him a dessert before we left.  I generally don't like to bribe the kids, but in this case it seemed worth it.  Photo shoots are not easy on little kids.  It is a lot of time to follow directions and pay attention.  They were perfectly happy to go play in the Children's Garden after changing into more suitable clothing and thoroughly enjoyed the sweet treat before we headed home.

And an addition to the "This is Why We Don't Do Christmas Cards" file...


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures, Mama!


  2. I just want to hug them, and kiss them. Auntie Gerry