Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Dream Come True

There are matchbox car kids and dinosaur kids; there are outerspace kids and knights of the round table kids, and then there are basement guy kids.  Atticus is my basement guy kid.  First off , a basement guy is Atticus's word for all guys who ride trucks, climb ladders, and use machinery.  Construction workers are basement guys.  Landscapers are basement guys.  Firefighters are basement guys.  Aside from getting to use a lawn mower (which might make him faint out of sheer amazement), one of Atticus's life goals is to get to climb on trucks.  When we visited my family in Massachusetts this June, my brother made Atticus's dream come true.  Since he is a firefighter, he was able to arrange for my kids to visit the firehouse and climb all over the fire engine.  All three big kids enjoyed it.  They especially liked when my brother's coworkers let them spray water from a pressurized can.

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