Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pregnancy Update: 35 weeks and 6 days

This week has been a busy one in relation to pregnancy and baby stuff.  There were a few little bumps in the road mixed in with some happy outcomes. On Wednesday, Ish and I visited the Diplomat's pediatricians' office.  It was clean and bright, and everyone was so good-natured and friendly.  I definitely feel secure in our choice of pediatrics practices. Thursday I had a prenatal appointment and that is where the bumps come into play.

--I gained 1.5 lbs in 2 weeks (a bit under the 1lb per week goal, but as long as I am gaining it is good)

--The Diplomat's heart rate continues to be good.

--My blood pressure is still nice and low.

--My fundal height has not changed in two weeks and it had barely changed in the 2 weeks prior to that.  This was cause for some alarm and following up with a few tests.

--Test number 1 was a non-stress test.  I was hooked up to a monitor to assess The Diplomat's heart rate over a longer period of time.  The monitor also produced a print out so that accelerations and decelerations could be more closely evaluated.  The Diplomat passed with flying colors!

--Test number 2 was to get another ultrasound in order to track The Diplomat's growth and to check my amniotic fluid levels.  The Diplomat's growth is right on track to match the due date, and my amniotic fluid levels are normal.  This of course does not answer why my fundal height hasn't changed, but it does assure me that my precious little one is doing just fine. 

--According to the ultrasound, The Diplomat is no longer head down but isn't breech either.

--Did you know ultrasounds can predict how much a baby currently weighs?  I had no clue that this was possible, but The Diplomat weighs approximately 5 lbs 12 oz.

--I have graduated to the once a week prenatal appointment schedule.

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