Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Four months...

It is hard to believe that it has been 4 months since Little Ish was born.  When thinking about it, 4 months seems like such a short amount of time, yet I cannot seem to clearly remember life with out my sweet little boy. 

At four months, Ishmael's personality is starting to shine through.  He is very sweet and cuddly, but he can get dangerously squirmy when he is upset.  As he has grown, he has become much more vocal.  He babbles and coos (sometimes to the point of rambling).  Physically, he is getting a lot stronger.  He can hold his head up, roll from his belly to his back, and is getting pretty good at grasping things and putting them in his mouth.
Now that he seems more accustomed to life outside the womb, Little Ish enjoys exploring the world around him.  One of his favorite ways to explore is by putting anything that he can reach into his mouth.   He is often found using his teddy bear as a teething ring!

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  1. So precious he is, Sine and Ish! I love the middle photo with his beautiful smile. He's looking more and more like the both of you each day! *Hugs*