Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moleskine musings...

This morning I was able to enjoy a small amount of writing time in my moleskine; it was an incredibly refreshing experience to play with language just because I could.  Since I took so much joy in writing it, I thought I would take the time to type it up and share it with others.

This year the Autumn has crept up on me.  It sat patiently, crouched in a corner, just waiting to jump out and shout, "Boo!" Well Autumn, you have caught me off guard in your abrupt arrival.  Your tardiness led me to believe that you would ease me into your seductively crisp cool temperatures throughout the month of October before taking off your late-summer mask. Alas! You played me for a fool.  Overnight you stormed in and usurped Summer's long held throne.

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