Wednesday, January 5, 2011

6 + 10

Since we spent a large portion of December in Massachusetts with my family, I failed to post a 6 months milestone update.

Aside from rolling like a pro, Little Ish has been trying really hard to scoot.  Aside from a couple of successful scoots backwards, he mostly just looks like he is trying to swim on land.  He loves to grab at everything--especially hair and glasses.  He also reaches for cups and latches onto the rim (I assume it feels good on his gums since he has been teething up a storm).

 Little Ish has definitely developed a sense of humor, and he is quick to smile and laugh.  He has started to really play with toys and other household objects.  Bathtime has quickly turned into playtime.  A partially water-filled bottle [sans cap] creates a lot of laughs from both Baby Ish and from Momma and Daddy--he likes to throw the water in his face! 

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