Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Gilbert

Gilbert is a stuffed goose who gets a lot of playtime around here.  Little Ish has found several uses for Gilbert.

Gilbert is good for patting.

He is even better for snacking on.

And of course, he is wonderful for snuggling.

Gilbert was a Christmas gift. The only place I know of to purchase one of these adorable geese is at Twelve Chairs, a shop and design studio in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. 


  1. These pics have made my day!

  2. Roisin, I need to take a video of him singing to Gilbert and send it to you; it is perhaps the funniest thing he does.

  3. Very cool pix! Also, thanks for the link to Twelve Chairs. Too bad Roisin does not live in Delaware. Does she have any plans to come visit in the next few months? If she arranged a design consult, she could take off the trip on her taxes as a business expense. I've about decided that I'm going to stop spending my money on trips and start spending it making my house the beautiful haven and retreat which is half the reason I go out on trips anyway...