Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This has been a very exciting Halloween for Little Ish, as it is the first time he has Trick-or-Treated.  Liliana got dressed up this year too because I figured Little Ish might be mad if she didn't.

Before Trick-or-Treating officially began, we walked to the leasing office of our apartment complex since they were giving out treats during their regular hours.

Little Ish was a pirate.  You can tell he is just a pretend pirate because he is wearing sandals.

Liliana was Raggedy Ann.  As soon as I put her costume on her, Little Ish knew exactly what she was dressed as.

After dinner, Little Ish went Trick-or-Treating with Big Ish, and Lily changed into her Halloween pajamas and helped me pass out candy to all the kids who stopped by.  Little Ish had a ton of fun.  Lily was not so keen on the trick-or-treaters.  She loved when they arrived at the door, but she would wail when they left (Little Ish did the same thing last year).

Happy Halloween!

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