Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Adventures

Today, Ish and I brought the kids to a local farm to pick a pumpkin. Both kids enjoyed the outing.  Ish and I hope to make this into a family tradition.

Little Ish picked a wagon.  It was for the pumpkin, but he got a ride out of the deal too.

Looking for a pumpkin. 

Lily trying a more hands on approach to picking a pumpkin.

And we have a pumpkin!

Lily inspects Little Ish's choice.

She approves, and they take the obligatory sweet sibling photo (the outtakes are a little less sweet).

After claiming our pumpkins, the real fun began.  Wagons!

Little Ish spent a long time choosing various wagons and pulling them around.

He also had fun playing at the fence and watching cars arrive at the farm.

He kept poking his head through the fence and saying, "Come into the pumpkin patch!" The farm could hire him as a greeter.

And finally, a sweet moment between Ish and Liliana.

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