Sunday, September 22, 2013

Artists in Residence

The favorite activity in our house right now, aside from turn the couch into a train, is definitely coloring. They easily spend an hour or more each day sitting at the dining room table coloring.

  This week Little Ish has actually gone from scribbling and drawing balloons to a much expanded repetoire.  He drew a person for the first time on Friday.  He also very much likes to draw rosaries and bridges.  He has also been writing his name on a lot of his drawings and I found a piece of paper where he attempted to write "Lily".  He wrote it "LLYI".  I'd say that is pretty good for a first attempt, especially considering that I have never taught him how to spell Lily or to write any of the letters in his name.  

Liliana mostly scribbles.  She prefers coloring with a ballpoint pen. When she does use crayons she likes to use as many colors as possible--a break from her old preference for the monochromatic.

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  1. Simon can spend hours coloring some days (shocking since he is so active) but Rosalyn is not much of a colorer. She will make a picture and then be done with crayons. However, if you plop her in front of play doh you won't see her for a LONG time