Friday, May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes Vol. 2

1.  Atticus successfully made it through his first big road trip last weekend.  We spent last weekend on a sort of whirlwind road trip to Massachusetts for my sister's baby shower.  Atticus did phenomenally well with all the travel and new faces.  I discovered that I get motion sickness when I travel in the backseat of the van at night.

2.  On Saturday, I found Big Ish and Atticus hanging out together.  This wins for the sweetest moment of the week.

3. Little Ish told me that I am his favorite momma ever because I made banana bread.  I will remind him of this when he is a teenager...

4. We have been having sing-a-longs at the table after dinner this week.  While the rest of America's children are singing the songs from Frozen , Liliana and Ish are belting out tunes from An American Tail.  I may need to record and post one of their sing-a-longs because, if nothing else, it is super sweet to see how much they enjoy singing with each other.

5. Our other post-dinner activity this week has been a pajama stroll.  We get the kids into their pajamas and Big Ish pushes the double stroller whilst I wear Atticus in the Boba.  I can't speak for everybody else, but I am really enjoying these peaceful family excursions.

6. I cast on for a lace shawl today in a vibrant pink yarn.  I guess all of the blue and green knitting I've done in the past year finally got to me as pink is definitely an odd color choice for me when knitting.

7.And a dose of  cute for the day...

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