Tuesday, May 13, 2014

She Just Figured Out Blue's Clues

Recently, Little Ish and Liliana have chosen to spend their screen time watching episodes of Blue's Clues on Amazon Prime .  As far as screen time goes, it is often very obvious what Little Ish is getting out of the episodes they watch, but until recently, I haven't been able to gauge exactly what Lily is gathering from this time.  On Sunday, I got a glimpse of just how much she is taking in.  When we were at Ish's parents' house, she set up a little chair, asked me for a notebook, and then took me on a hunt for a crayon.  She then sat in her "thinking chair" and wrote out and solved several sets of clues.  She also insisted that I call her Steve.

Side note:  Screen time, in moderation, seems to be inspiring Lily's imaginative play, but I know  from experience that too much screen time makes for cranky uninspired children who drive their Momma nuts.

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