Friday, June 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes Vol. 3

Tuesday afternoon, we arrived back in Delaware after a weekend away in New Hampshire followed by a week in Massachusetts visiting my family.  This week's 7 Quick Takes are a peek into our trip.


We started out our trip with a weekend at East Hill Farm. I did not expect the level of bravery and comfort that Liliana exhibited around the farm animals.  She was terrified of one of the dogs we encountered while there, but had no problems hanging out with one of the goats that had gotten out of its enclosure.


Note to self: Trying to get children to pose for photos generally does not bear good results.  It does, however, cause lots of frustration for the adults.


I love that we take this trip on Father's Day weekend.  It is a great way for all of us to relax and the kids enjoy all the quality time with Daddy.


While we were in Massachusetts, we got to meet my sweet nephew for the first time.  Little Ish still insists on calling him Baby Treeline--the name he came up with when my sister was pregnant; I think it shall remain his blog alias.


I love this photo of my father with Atticus.  The two of them became good buddies during our visit.


One of my uncles gave Little Ish a Tigger lunch box.  The next day he insisted on a picnic lunch so he could try it out.


Little Ish wanted a Ninja Turtles cake.  Thanks to my brother, he got his wish. I'm grateful that he has artistic abilities, because I could not have pulled off a Ninja Turtle cake unless I put action figures on the top.

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