Thursday, June 12, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real}--At the close of Spring


This past Saturday, our family was invited to attend a year end formal dance.  The kids had just as much fun climbing trees as they did joining in the dancing.  Liliana had a particularly fun time dancing the Virginia Reel being carried in the arms of a charming young gentleman.  Little Ish's favorite part of the night was playing musical chairs.


Watching Little Ish with Atticus really warms my heart.  He is just so incredibly sweet with him.  It is very clear that he has one goal in mind when he plays with Atticus; he wants to earn a smile.  Often he gets both smiles and all out belly laughing in reaction to his antics.


 So the quality of this photo borders on abysmal, but it cracks me up.  This is the expression Liliana dons when she wants to say something really important or exciting--pure toddler exhuberance.


Atticus has a new place at the table during dinner.  If we lay him on a blanket on the floor, he screeches.  If we hold him, he squirms.  If we put him on the table on his belly, he watches with [mostly] quiet interest as we eat.  

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  1. I just knew Atticus & Charlotte will have changed the most during the time we've been gone. And wow he has! Beautiful pix all round. Can't wait to see those little rascals again.