Friday, September 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes Vol. 6

There was excitement at home this week when I was out and about. A neighborhood cat decided to walk into our house uninvited. Ish managed to get the cat to leave without having to pick him up or use food to lure lure him out. Hearing Liliana and Little Ish recount the tale is just shy of hilarious. It also inspired Lily's request to be face painted as a "tiger tomcat"--she doesn't know that a tom is a boy cat.

The only things that could make this tiger tomcat any cuter are pigtails and glasses.

Sorry for the blurry photo, but I am trying yet gain to figure out shooting in manual.


Well that might explain why the dishwasher was not working so well.  That was a wide mouth mason jar lid...


Atticus has been thoroughly enjoying his ventures into solid food.  He has started to say apple, and this evening when he spotted a tomato at Ish's parents' house he started shrieking "appa! appa!"  He definitely thought it was an apple.

He asked to be the daytime sky. 

Little Ish has been curious about so many things lately.  In the past few weeks he has started to learn to read (at his request, asked about and started to investigate basic addition via word problems, experimented with magnets, tried to figure out telling time on both analog and digital clocks, and so much more.   It's been an intense but exciting few weeks.


Books are kind of popular around here...

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  1. Ohhhh, that daytime sky face is a good one also. Lily's tiger tomcat was awesome tonite. And Lil Ish's mutant ninja turtle also. Makes me wish I had discovered face painting when I was a young mom. But mine would have probably reflected my deficiencies in the artistic eye. You definitely have an abundance of artistic eye, Sine'. It shows in your photography as well.