Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Ketchup Series-- And then she was 3!

At the beginning of November, our sweet and sassy Liliana turned three. Since her birthday fell on Election Day this year she got the added birthday treat of having her "Archduke" (otherwise known as "Daddy") around all day.  She got to enjoy some of the simple birthday traditions we have around here.  We decorated for her with a simple birthday rooster the night before, and she was delighted to find him in the morning. She also got to pick what she wanted for all three meals of the day.  I find it quite funny that she chose to have Kix cereal for breakfast, but as we rarely have cereal in the house, she thinks of it as a huge treat.  We spent a portion of the afternoon at her Lola and Dziadzia's house, and Dziadzia made her pancakes and bacon for lunch.  I made her a yellow cake with chocolate ganache buttercream  frosting which she insisted on covering in rainbow sprinkles.  She chose for us to sing happy birthday to the tune of "Old McDonald had a Farm" (a tradition we have adopted from some dear friends).

Happy belated birthday to my spirited girl!  Your wit, humor, and large heart are such a blessing to our family.  

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