Monday, July 6, 2015

Little Ish Turns 5

Little Ish turned 5 on June 26th.  He had been anticipating be 5 for months and his anticipation was heightened when his cousin turned 5 six weeks before his birthday.  As for celebrations, we had a small family celebration in Massachusetts on the day of his birthday.  His requested birthday dinner was pulled pork subs, potato chips, and cucumber slices.  My mom made a cake, and Little Ish worked with Big Ish to map out where he wanted to put each of his Mario action figures on the cake. 

On July 4th, we celebrated in Delaware at our friends' house.  He was thrilled that part of his birthday celebration included watching a local fireworks display from our friends' front yard.  He later reported to me that it was his favorite birthday present, and during the display he told Big Ish, "It's the best gift that ever the sky has given me."

He has spent the past several days declaring that whatever he is doing is the "first time I've done this as a 5 year old". 


In light of my recent posts about Lily and Atticus, I thought I would use this space to note a few things about Little Ish at 5 years old.

--He loves to cut things out and will spend hours cutting out miniature pictures of various cartoon characters that he has printed off the computer.  He was thrilled when I relayed to him that Saint Thérèse spent a fair amount of time as a child cutting paper.

--He loves cracking eggs and will help crack them whenever he gets the chance.

--He likes harvesting sorrel wherever he finds it and puts it in salads and on burgers.

--He has a real tender spot in his heart for Atticus and gets super excited every time Atticus learns something new.

--He is starting to read a little bit here and there.  He can read most of the Level 1 Bob Books with out help.

--He loves to count but generally gets bored with it somewhere around 230.

--He is often making up word problems that require basic addition and then solving them.

--He loves playing Super Smash Bros.  with his cousins.

--He has recently shown an interest in learning to hit a baseball. 

--He still love to cuddle and will climb up on my or Ish's lap just to spend time with us. 

--He has just started to enjoy playing board games.

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