Friday, July 24, 2015

East Hill Farm 2015

Before we headed to Massachusetts to visit family last month, we took our own mini-vacation first.  We spent 4 days at The Inn at East Hill Farm in Troy, NH.  Ish and I have mad a weekend trip here every year since we got married, and I vacationed there for years when I was a little girl.  One of the major benefits of vacationing here is that, although it is a planned financial splurge for our family, we nknow exactly how much it will cost us because it is all inclusive.  Any vacation that doesn't involve figuring out how and when to feed the kids gets bonus points in my book.

The kids had a blast this year.  Lily was old enough to remember the farm trip last year so she and Little Ish were able to anticipate it in the weeks before we arrived.  Last year when we went, Atticus was only 5 months old so he didn't really have any interest in the animals at all.  This year he was so excited.  He especially liked one of the smaller pigs and will still tell you that the pig eats milk and corn.  He still asks to see the goats several times per week.

One thing that was new for us on this trip was that the kids were super interested in doing the planned activities offered at the farm.  They especially enjoyed arts and crafts and made an effort not to miss a single session. They also overcame their trepidation of years past, and participated in milking both a cow and a goat.  Little Ish was really good at milking and took right to it.  Lily was nervous, but managed after a little extra encouragement from an awesome staff member. 

For Catholic families thinking of vacationing here, there is a Catholic church about a 5 minute drive away.  It is a nice parish with tons of kids.We had a family of 8 people in front of us and a family of at least 7 behind us.  So if you are nervous about bringing your kids to a different parish because of behavior and noise, there is little reason to worry about bringing them to Mass there.

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