Sunday, August 23, 2015

What's cooking?

We are a meal planning family.  Ish and I have actually been planning meals together since before we were married.  After I graduated college, I spent a summer living in Delaware just a short walk from Ish's childhood home.  We spent the summer cooking dinners together in the basement of the St. Thomas More Oratory and all of our meals were made according to a meal plan we had devised together.  It was no surprise when we got married two summers later that meal planning fell naturally into place. 

Even though we use a meal plan regularly, we are not impervious from the occasional falling away from this strategy.  In the past couple weeks we have failed to meal plan and it has led to insufficient leftovers for lunches, a couple of take out dinners and a handful of rotting food.  These few weeks away fro meal planning have led me to want to be a little more on top of things, so when Simcha decided to start a weekly meal planning post on her blog, I decided to join her.

How does meal planning happen here?  The process has evolved over time.  I used to do all the meal planning with a pencil and paper, but Ish discovered Trello last year and now our plan and grocery list are digitized.  Ish and I have shifted meal planning responsibilities back and forth over the months and years.  I am working to make that my domain right now, but he is incredibly competent when it comes to meal planning and grocery shopping so it is easy enough to swap off when necessary. This is an especially big blessing during 1st trimesters and the first few months post-partum.  As for actual meals, we only plan dinners.  Lunches are generally leftovers of some sort and we just make sure to always have oatmeal, eggs, and chapati on hand for breakfasts. Also we generally don't generally need to plan dinners on Friday, Saturday or Sunday due to generous family and friends.

What's cooking this week?

Monday: Chicken Curry over rice or possibly  over spaghetti squash if it is ready to be harvested.  This dish consists of chicken and vegetables in a curry sauce that Ish makes.  We will also be eating corn on the cob from the farmers' market.

Tuesday: Roast pork, butternut squash from the garden, applesauce, and green beans.

Wednesday: Lazy Man's Lasagna  This is a new recipe for me but it looks similar to a dish my mom made when I was a kid.  We will probably have raw vegetables on the side.

Thursday: Chicken Tacos

Friday: Grilled Cheese Night at Ish's parents' house.  I am hoping to contribute some more tomatoes from our garden to the salad.

Saturday: Dinner with friends.

Sunday: Pizza at Ish's parents' house.  My father-in-law makes the best pizza.

What's cooking at your house this week?

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