Friday, May 13, 2016


When I was pregnant with Zélie, I was absolutely convinced that I was having a boy.  And while I would have happily welcomed another sweet little boy to the family, my heart ached for Liliana who spent much of the pregnancy telling me how she was really hoping for a sister.  I spent a lot of time trying to prepare her for the possibility of a brother and the ensuing 4 yearold heartbreak.  It clearly turns out that was all for naught. 

Liliana couldn't be more excited to have a little sister.  She loves on her constantly.  Lily has become a pro at calming Zélie down when she is fussing.  She wants to hold Zélie frequently--even when she is screaming.  I am very encouraged by how she has grown into her big sister role this time around.  [She is an excellent big sister to Atticus too, but when he was born she was in the throes of being a two yearold.]

Zélie loves Liliana already.  She smiles when Lily walks into her field of vision and often starts to fuss if Lily walks away.  I am excited to watch these girls grow up together.