Saturday, August 13, 2016

East Hill Farm 2016

This year we did a bit of a reverse summer trip and went to visit my family before our annual trip to East Hill Farm.  As per usual, it was an excellent trip.  We stayed in the Hideaway again this year which is especially fun for me as it is where I stayed for many years on childhood vacations to the farm.  This year, Little Ish was far less interested in the animals than in previous years, but they still were a big draw for Lily and Atticus.  Zélie, being so young, really didn't care.  Both Lily and Little Ish really liked the activities available to them--especially arts and crafts.  A bit of a sign as to how much the children love our trip is that their favorite game to play nearly 2 months post trip is what they call the East Hill Farm game.

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