Monday, August 15, 2016


This year, instead of our annual family beach trip with the majority of Ish's siblings and their families, we went on a mountain trip (cue excitement from this momma who hates the stress of caring for young children at the beach).  The trip provides lots of playtime for all the cousins during the day and plenty of board games for the adults once the kids are in bed.   We all take turns preparing meals for the huge group of us.

Because the trip happened to begin on Little Ish's birthday, we celebrated with ice cream sundaes per his request.  Somehow I managed to not realize when the candles and singing were about to start and didn't manage to get a single photo of him as I was holding Zélie.  I am hoping someone else in our crowd managed to get a photo or two.

Some of the highlights of the trip were visiting a waterfall in a nearby state park and taking a trip to a drive in movie theater to see Finding Dory.

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