Sunday, March 12, 2017

Project 365 Week 10

It was a fairly calm beginning to our week here, but Friday landed us in the ER with Zélie.  We fed her canteloupe for the first time and it turns out she is very much allergic.  Friday reminded me of how grateful I am for family who will watch my children in a pinch and how grateful I am that we live near an excellent children's hospital.  Zélie is doing okay now minus the lovely ear infection the nurse practitioner discovered while examining Zélie in the ER.

We spent our afternoon on Sunday hanging out with family.  I was so excited to capture this photo of my sweet 2 year old niece in a quiet moment.  

This photo is from my first attempt at free-lensing. Why I thought it was a good idea to try this out on a fast moving baby, I do not know.

Occasionally Atticus will ask me if he can borrow my phone so he can draw a picture and send it to Ish via text message.  On Tuesday, the bigger kids caught on and had so much fun watching him and cheering him on as he was drawing.

Lily's fashion sense makes me smile.  She was so in love with this rainbow sundress that I picked up at a thrift store that she insisted on wearing it right away.  We compromised and she wore a shirt underneath because it definitely was not warm enough outside for a sundress.

Thursday was the 2nd anniversary of when we found out that Gregory had died.  A dear friend and her children came over to provide a welcomed distraction for the day.  Later in the day when Ish returned home, I took advantage of some beautiful early evening light.   (And yes Lily did wear the same outfit 2 days in a row; she really loves that rainbow dress).

One of the sweetest things that happened surrounding the events of Zélie's allergic reaction is that Atticus was so worried for her.  He actually wanted to go to the ER with us instead of hanging out with his cousins.  He was amazingly behaved in the ER and I think it helped him to understand that Zélie was okay. 

Zélie was in much better spirits on Saturday.  She was also incredibly excited about her new jacket. 

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  1. Love that rainbow dress!!!

    Sweet Atticus...what a wonderful big brother!!