Sunday, March 26, 2017

Project 365 Week 12

This week started with a variety of maladies.  Lily was still recovering from her ear infection and my cold turned into a raging sinus infection. The week ended with everyone in good health and with Little Miss Zélie turning 1.


This sweet girl was really sad about needing to take antibiotics.  Since she is allergic to amoxicillan, she has to take an alternative that happens, cherry flavoring be darned, to taste absolutely awful.  She actually woke up with nightmares about having to take it.  Here is to hoping that she can avoid needing antibiotics for a good long time.

I may or may not love that it looks like Zélie's head just fell out of the sleeve of my jacket while we were playing peek-a-boo.

Ish's parents watched my big kids all day on Tuesday so that I could have a chance to rest and recuperate from my sinus infection.  Zélie was a wonderful recuperation buddy.  She basically slept and nursed the majority of the day (not a common occurrence for her).  The only time I thought to pick up my camera was while she was eating lunch.  I never want to forget her sweet little baby hands.


This little lady was glad to have her siblings back at home with her;  she takes such delight in their antics.  She often just stares at them as though she is trying to take it all in.
Atticus spent over an hour on Thursday afternoon trying to cure my sinus infection by giving me pretend haircuts.  I got to spend an hour sitting on the couch getting what amounted to an amazing head massage and he had a fun being a "haircutting doctor guy".

Atticus enjoys water play and also really likes to try to do things that Ish and I do.  This amounted to him washing and rewashing the majority of non-breakable dishes in the house.  He took occasional breaks inbetween washings asking for dry clothes.  He went through three outfits by the time he was done.


Happy birthday, Zélie Marguerite! We had beautiful weather for Zélie's birthday so we spent it at Longwood Gardens.  In the evening she celebrated with friends, and she thoroughly enjoyed her birthday cupcake.

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