Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks and 4 days

I had a prenatal appointment on Monday, and there isn't too much in the way of news in terms of pregnancy. I did however never post an update from my 30 week visit.

--I got the results of my [final] bloodwork. I passed my 28 week glucose tolerance test which was a relief as I failed the one hour tolerance test during my first trimester. I really didn't want to have to take another 3 hour test. On the not so good but totally fixable side of things, my iron levels are low. I have started taking an iron supplement in hopes to rectify that.

--I am finally gaining weight at a normal rate! It does not look like I will hit the 25-35 lb weight gain suggestion by the end of this pregnancy, but at my first prenatal visit the midwife noted that she'd be surprised if I did considering that I am rather petite.

--The Diplomat is still head down and will hopefully stay that way.

--The Diplomat's heart rate is normal (around 140bpm).

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