Monday, April 29, 2013

A Sunday Outing

Normally our Sunday afternoons are spent eating my father-in-law's amazing homemade pizza over at Ish's parents house.  Yesterday there was no pizza planned so we decided to spend our afternoon at Longwood Gardens--an easy trip to decide on as we have a membership.  I had all these hopes of taking pictures of the children in and among the tulips which were at their peak. Apparently everyone else and their brother had the same idea and there was no way I was going to try to take pictures of my children amongst the hordes of tulip-gazers. 

Although we did visit the tulips, we spent most of our time in less crowded areas.  Both kids had a blast running around and enjoying being outside in the beautiful spring weather.  Little Ish was very excited to visit the Chimes Tower which he has renamed Gandalf's Tower; he was especially excited about ringing the bell at the top of the tower.

As a side note, I spied more than one stranger taking a photo of Lily.  I didn't bother saying anything because I would have had to chase the offenders down .  I just find it odd that people who don't know me or my family will have a picture of my daughter on their camera.  I am not sure that I care about it, but am I right in finding that to be particularly strange?


  1. I think it's wrong to take a picture of a young child without the parents permission. I get it if it is a child in a crowd, but if you are taking a picture of a specific child, you should ask. I remember when I went to Plymouth Plantation there was a young girl in the Wampanoag village, and everyone wanted to take her picture, but everyone was sure to ask her grandmother first.

  2. As a photographer, if I am going to single out an individual, I always ask first if I can take their photo. Sometimes there are very valid reasons for people not wanting photos of their children taken. I can understand why people would take photos of both your children though. They are beautiful. You are a great photographer and capture them well.

    Murray and I went to Longwood Gardens on our honeymoon. They are beautiful!