Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Still Plugging Away

During Holy Week, I came to the sad realization that my gauge on my shawl was far tighter than what the pattern had prescribed.  This will not be a problem in the end, but it did throw off my plans to have a pretty new shawl for Easter Sunday.   I still have about 10 repeats of the lace pattern left and then the final border.  I am hoping to finish it sometime next week.

During my visit to Massachusetts, I made a pretty serious error in my shawl.  Note to self: Unless Lily is in immediate danger, push stitches down onto the needles before jumping up to remove her from whatever she is climbing on or swinging from.  I did manage to somewhat salvage my shawl but there is a very messy spot on one edge of the shawl.

I am still reading and enjoying The Art of Fermentation.  I am only reading a short bit each day, as I am more focused on finishing my shawl right now.  I am, however, planning on fermenting some lemons next week.  I am very excited to try this out and am fairly sure that it is impossible to cause myself any serious harm in the case of botched fermentation.

Hopefully by next week I will be showing you a finished shawl, and have a pair of longies for Lily started on my needles.  The yarn, pictured above, is so lovely that I have been tempted more than once to put down my shawl and preemptively start in on the longies.

For more yarn and reading, join Ginny for her Yarn Along!


  1. I wouldn't blame you for a preemptive start! That yarn is very beautiful! But, I admire you for persevering and finishing your other project first :)

  2. It is beautiful! I adore the colour. I love the colour of your new yarn too. I am horrible as I usually have several projects on the needles. There is one I still haven't finished, so kudos to you for persisting.