Friday, May 8, 2015

7 Quick Takes Vol. 8


Atticus has ridiculous physical stamina.  He insists on walking on our walks now.  He can walk around our block with out being carried now.  It takes about 25 minutes instead of the 15 minutes it takes when I carry him, but he is so happy the entire time. 


We went to Free Comic Book Day on Saturday.  Lily and Little Ish dressed up because anyone who came in costume received an extra free comic book.  As you can see, Lily was rocking the Elsa dress.  Little Ish put together his own knight costume.  When Lily spotted another little girl in line who was dressed as Elsa, she was so excited.  The other Elsa spotted her at the same time.  They both looked starstruck.  The line was huge, but all in all the kids handled it very well.  I guess it is easier to wait in a line when there is something fun waiting at the end.


This happened on Sunday evening.  What are the odds?


I am still loving my photography course.  Lily has been my most willing model.  She is a lot of fun to photograph and she is oh so silly between shots.


Little Ish is willing to be a model, but only on his own terms.  For instance, he requests that I shoot in black and white and prefers to make silly faces instead of smiling.  As long as it doesn't interfere with what I am trying to practice, I don't mind appeasing him.


Atticus requires more of a sneak attack approach.  He doesn't purposefully stay still long enough to be my model, so I follow him around and capture what I can.


  A particularly stubborn dandelion and a 3 year old with a head cold makes for an anticlimactic photo.   Poor Lily got dizzy from her efforts.  Lesson learned.

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