Monday, May 18, 2015

He Knows What He Wants

Atticus is a baby who definitely knows what he wants.  He spends a lot of time saying "ow-side, doh!" (outside, door!), trying to make sure he gets his fill of outside time.  When he wants me to hold him, he stands at my feet saying "na-down!"(not down) or "bup!" (up) on repeat until I finish the task at hand and pick him up.  He is very adept at asking to eat and nurse.  And, lest I forget, he loves to ask for lights and ceiling fans to be turned on or off.

He is pretty verbal for a 16 month old, but that doesn't stop him from getting frustrated when his new talker pronunciation fails to get him what he wants.  On Saturday morning, Atticus was sitting in his highchair whimpering and clearly annoyed as we finished up breakfast.  Instead of asking my normal, "Are you ready to get down now?" I responded to his fussing by calmly inquiring, "Atticus, what do you want?"  Clear as a bell, he replied "I want mama."  Be still my melted puddle of a heart.

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