Sunday, January 8, 2017

Project 365 Week 1

This year I have decided to take on a project 365 for my personal photography.  My small photography business has picked up steam, and I have found myself failing to capture as many photos of my family when I am busy capturing memories for other families.  My hope is that by picking up my camera each day this year I will be able to capture more of those daily life moments.  Despite succumbing to a stomach bug this past week, I still managed to pick up my camera every day.

I feel like this is the perfect photo to start off my project since it captures a moment that is so much a part of family life for us.  My father-in-law makes pizza for his children and grandchildren on Sunday afternoons.  He often asks the grandchildren, "Why do I make you pizza?" and each of them knows the answer from a very young age is, "because you love me."

Happy 3rd birthday, Atticus!  He insisted that he did not want a cake for his birthday dessert, so here is Atticus blowing out his candles stuck into his preferred dessert-- a double stuffed oreo cookie.  

Zélie seems to be able to make objects that she shouldn't be playing with appear out of nowhere.  As I was about to take her photo, she pulled this paper towel out of thin air.

This is Atticus dressed as a human.  He has recently taken to playing dress up a lot, and dressing a a human involves putting a large scarf over his head and topping it with a viking helmet.  Although I captured several photos of him dressed this way, I really enjoy this photo because he looked so satisfied with his ability to imagine and execute his idea for a costume.

Ish is such a capable father and husband.  I am so blessed that he was able to both take care of me and hold down the fort while I succumbed to a stomach bug this week. Here Zélie and Ish share some snuggles.

This sweet girl is all smiles.  She has been teething pretty consistently for awhile and now has six teeth.

Lily's fashion choices give my spirits quite a boost.  She wore her sunglasses and hat for our entire library visit this week. As you can see, she put her hat on before the sunglasses.