Sunday, January 22, 2017

Project 365 Week 3

I was completely not feeling it creativity wise this week,  I think a lot of it had to di with the mostly dismal, dreary weather.  I did pick up my camera each day, but I definitely struggled a few days.  It does help that the kids seem to want me to take their photo more often.  There were a few times during the week when they asked me to get mt camera out.

Little Miss Zélie has been making a break for the stairs every chance she gets.  I follow her to the top several times per day.  If nothing else, she is taking a longer nap.

I love watching this little lady explore her environment.  She is so curious and loves checking everything out.

Atticus is working on stair climbing too...

Atticus came down the stairs and asked me to take a photo of him dressed up as a monster (yes, that is a Philly Phanatic hat)

Atticus rested his head in pretty light and asked me to take his photo.

Zélie said "train" this week.

Little Ish loves playing board games with Ish, and this was a perfect way for them to spend some quality time together on Saturday morning.


  1. Such sweet pics! Two stair daredevils...I have a feeling Mama's going to be sleeping well, too, with all that extra exercise! (And aren't games the best?!?)