Sunday, January 15, 2017

Project 365 Week 2

As I mentioned last week, I am in the midst of attempting my first photography project 365.  So far so good.  I have managed to pick up my camera every day this past week.  Here are my results.

Look who is standing by herself! Zélie started standing up on her own and is incredibly proud of herself.

I just love the relationship Little Ish and Zélie have.  He is so incredibly sweet with her and she just soaks up all the love and attention.


Zélie was happily enjoying frozen blueberries, the only food she consistently demands more ("mo!") of, and then she bit her finger a split second before I hit the shutter release on my camera.

This was a tragic day in the history of my Canon 70d, and a good lesson in why not to have knee jerk reactions.  Somehow a couple of my standard settings on my camera got messed up, and instead of trying to figure out what happened, I reastored my camera to factory settings.  This is the one photo from that day that doesn't make me cringe.  Isn't Atticus cute in his pajamas?

We had an unseasonably warm day so the kids and I spent a large portion of the morning outside.  Zélie had a blast crawling around and exploring the front yard.


Liliana has been teaching herself to read. Here she is atop the kitchen radiator reading to Atticus. 

While this photo isn't particularly good technically; it captures a rare event.  Ish called out to me, "Hey you need to take a photo of this before I wipe Zélie down!"  As he almost never asks me to take photos in the moment, I wanted to use this one for the day's photo.  Also, Zélie thoroughly enjoyed her enchilada casserole.


  1. Wow...Zélie standing AND Lily reading?!? What a big week! How awesome!

    1. Lily has been sort of reading for a while, but the past few weeks she has really taken off. It is so fun to watch her grow.