Sunday, February 5, 2017

Project 365 Week 5

This past week concurrently flew and crawled.  I am still managing and enjoying picking up my camera each day.  I find myself looking at light differently. I am not as afraid to experiment with ideas on how to use light because I know that I will be picking up my camera again the next day.  I am also not as afraid to take a photo in terrible light and work with it in post-processing so it transforms into a better photo.  So far, I think this project is good for me.

On Sunday, we welcomed my nephew Cillian into the Church. 
Atticus is tying up this Lego dragon
This is what happens when I ask Atticus to smile; this is why I generally don't ask my children to smile for the camera.

Lily was really upset because I asked Little Ish to set Atticus up with an episode of Little Bear instead of her.  As she was crying I noticed how beautifully the light was falling on her tears.  I told her that the light she was standing in made her tears look like sparkling diamonds.  She immediately stopped crying and asked me to take her photo so she could see. 

This photo was a total experiment.  I decided to shoot into the noontime window light to see what I could capture.  Lily was so enthralled with the book that she was reading that I was able to play with the light for several minutes.
Zélie is working on 2 more teeth right now and it has made her so drooly and marginally miserable. 
Yesterday was incredibly busy.  I am glad that I remembered to pick up my camera at all.  Here is Zélie all bundled up to go to the library.