Sunday, February 12, 2017

Project 365 Week 6

It has been a bit of a turbulent week here.  I started off the week battling what the lactation consultant believed was the beginning of mastitis.  I did manage to keep it from completely sidelining me, but it certainly turned my Project 365 into a chore instead of a delight on Monday and Tuesday.

We experienced both a 70 degree day and snow this week.  The kids were delighted by both.

Zélie has really started to play in the past month or so.  One of her favorite games is peekaboo.  
This girl is teething like crazy; this is the look she gave me when I told her that it wasn't okay to chew on library books. 

Zélie spent a good 20 minutes playing with a bucket.  She really liked yelling into it and chewing on the handle.
Liliana has been really into the book Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes.  She has been working on creating her own Lilly costume.  The one thing she was missing was a glasses chain.  She decided to spend a little of her own money to purchase the rainbow glasses chain she is wearing here.  She was so pleased with her purchase and has spent hours pretending to be Lilly the mouse.
This little guy was so excited for snow!  We didn't get the large storm predicted, but it was enough for Atticus to sweep the snow around the yard with a broom.
This girl is normally a momma's girl through and through, but she was so delighted to see Ish's car pull into the driveway on Friday afternoon.
Little Ish isn't always super excited to have the camera on just him, so I am always delighted when I am able to capture a photo of him where he isn't making grumpy faces at me.  Ask him to be in a photo with Zélie, mind you, and he is all smiles.

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